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Identify, Research, Test, Commercialize Food, Pharma, Agro, Hotels, Logistics, Supply Chain, Healthcare, Coatings and Construction Industries.


Company Based at Mumbai, India, since 2012.

Timestrip - Irreversible Time & Temperature Monitoring Labels

High-tech & Low cost, Visual indicators Monitoring Time and Temperature for various application in Food, Pharma, Healthcare, FMCG etc.

Smart Dots Food Freshness Indicating Labels

Self-Timing Colour changing label - Reduce Food Waste, Improved - Safety, Freshness & Stock Monitoing. For the Food service, Manufacturing & Retail Industry.

Cleanz-up Hard Water Stain Remover - Safe & Easy

For Hard Water Stain, Water Marks, Limescale, Calcium, Rust, Burnt, Scorch, Mineral Deposits

Useful on all Surface & Material.

Use on Glass, Tiles, Tap, Faucet, Shower, Bathroom Fittings, Granite, Stones, Metal, Chrome, Stainless Steel, Window, Floor, Washbasin, Sink, Car Windshield, Wood, Plastic (Hard), Stone, Ceramic etc

Cleanz-up Multi Surface Stain Remover (No Acid)

For Grime, Soot, Soil, Dirt, Grout, Oil, Pen, Crayons, Ink, Adhesive, Lipstick, Juice, Ketchup, Sauce, Graas, Betel Leaf (Paan)etc.

Useful on any Surface & Material - Tiles, Carpet, Glass, Plastic, Granite, Metal, Furniture, Rexine, Concrete, Laminates etc, Home Kitchen Bathroom etc.

Cleanz-up Multipurpose Reusable Lint Free Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

Use Wet for Cleaing & use Dry for Drying & Polishing, Save Time & Money

Use on Glass, Mirror, Furniture, Stainless Steel, Chrome, Granite, Marble, Tap, Wood, Car, Bike, Electronics (Mobile, Computer)& any Surface

Cleanz-up Non-Woven Reusable Ultra Thin Microfiber Cloth

Use Wet for Cleaning & Dry for Drying, Polishing, Save on Paper Towel
Suitable for Optics, Camera Laser Lens, Sunglasses, Glass, Electronics, Mobile, Laptop, Car etc

All Surface Nano Coating - Hydrophobic, Water & Dust Repellent

Wet Wipes for Glass, Mirror, Porcelain, Tiles, Granite etc.

100% Transparent Clear Coating, upto 18 Months Life - Seals & Protects Surface

Windshield Nano Coating - Hydrophobic, Water & Dust Repellent, Anti Glare

Wet Wipes Resistant to UV with 1 Year Life, Military Grade

100% Transparent Clear Coating, Impact, Scratch & Stain, Improved Visibility in Rain & Snow

Tip-n-Tell - Shipment Damage Indicator Label

Easy-to-use plastic indicator informs receiver if the package had been Tipped in Transit. Patented System of Reservoir-to-Arrow Bead Tansfer with Activation Pin.

Activation as per Need, Permanent Color Change, Tamperproof, Adhesive Back & Nailing Option

Drop-n-Tell - Shipment Damage Indicator Label

Unique, Bi-directional indicator label indicates when Shipment / Parcel has been Dropped or get Shocks or Mishandled

Activation as per Need, Permanent Color Change, Tamperproof, Adhesive Back & Nailing Option

Child & Adult GPS, GPRS Tracking Watch & Device

Reliable locator device, Easy to Set up Portable receiver

Receiver emits loud, beeping alarm the minute your loved one strays

The only device that prevents a wandering event

Color Changing Temperature Indicator Thermometer Labels

Non-reversible Self-adhesive Temperature Label, NIST Traceable

Available in Seried (Thermometer) & Dot form, for various Temperature

Customized specification as per your need

Shelf Life Increasing Bags & Liners - Fresh Produce

Increase life of Fruits, Vegetables, Flowers Simple to use, Re-usable, USFDA approved

Increase your markets& Revenue, Improves shelf life and quality

Reduces wastage & loss in the supply chain

Shelf Life Increasing Absorbent Pads - Cut Fruits & Vegetable

Extend Shelf life & Quality of Fresh-Cut Foods

FDA and EU - Natural Food Safe Ingredients

Use in pouches, trays, retail containers, and mini containers

Availanle different Sizes & Shapes

Ice Blanket - Replace Ice Gel Pack

Maintains Cold Chain for Temperature Sensitive Products

Replaces Dry Ice, Regular Ice & Gel Packs

Doesn't Freeze, Melt & Add to Weight Cost

Data Logger - Cold Chain Monitor

Small, Thin, Easy-To-Use & Affordable. Set logging parameters with your android device, and place the label on an object or in an environment whose temperature you need tracked

WHO Approved - Syringe Disposal Safety Box

Transport & Storage Savings

Convenient solution for both internal and external handling

Perfect for Hospitals, Foldable Box saves on Storage & Lid doesn't fall off

Slip Sheet, Anti Slip Sheet, Anti Scratch Sheet

Slip Sheets - Replaces Pallet, Lower Space & Cost

Anti Slip Sheet - Antislip coating easy, Mold resistant, Reusable, REACH

Anti Scratch Sheet - Non Woven Fabric Coating Prevent Scratches to items

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