Lock Alarm - Anti Theft Siren Burglar Cable Lock

Cable Cut & Hammer Sensor, Weather Proof, 110 Decibel, Meets European Standards & No False Alarm

"Noise / Alarm is Best Prevention against Crime"

Attracts Attention & Scares Attacker / Thief - Says Police & Lawful Agencies


Why Lock Alarm Cable Lock

Ans: Ordinary Cable Lock, Sit Silent for Thief to Break-in. Lock Alarm produces Very Loud 100 Decibel Alarm, attracting attention.


What's Unique about Lock Alarm Cable Lock

Ans: If Cable Cut and / or Lock Detects Strong Motion, Dropping, Banging, Hammering of Lock, Alarm will Sound , Other Locks have only Motion Sensor and detecting Motion / Vibration, does not product Alarm when Cable Cut. Intensity of Alarm sounds is like Car Horn, Heard from 2.5 - 3 km (Indicative)


What is No False Alarm Technology

Ans: Lock Alarm has No Flase Alarm Technology - Other Motion Sensor Siren Locks Sound Alarm by Dog, Cat, Child etc cause False / Fake / Faulty Alarm, Create Panic & Emergency, then People ignore False Alarm



  • ✓ Heavy Duty Hard Steel - Cable Lock & Casing, High Security Key & Lock Cylinder
  • ✓ Cable Cut & Impact Hammer Sensor Alarm - Detect any Cable Cutting, Dropping, Banging, Hammering of Lock
  • ✓ Motion & Impact Hammer Sensor Alarm - Detect Strong Motion, Dropping, Banging, Hammering of Lock
  • ✓ Dual Mode - Use Lock With or Without Alarm
  • ✓ All Weather Proof Lock Not just Waterproof
  • ✓ Batteries inside a Tamper Proof Compartment
  • ✓ No False Alarm Technology - Alarm when Needed / Required, not by Mischief or Prank by People
  • ✓ Certified Product & meets Safety Standards- Europe - CE Mark, Chemical Safety (REACH) & Non Toxic Standard (RoHS)


Easy to Use

  • To Lock - Lock Cable, Beep Sound & Remove Key
  • To Unlock - Insert Key & Turn to Eject Cable
  • Alarm Function - First "Beep" & then Alarm sound for 30 seconds to Reset


Lock Alarm Cable Lock   vs    Ordinary Siren Cable Lock



Lock Alarm Disk

Siren Disk Lock


Lock Body Material

Zinc Alloy

Zinc & Metal Coated Plastic

Cable Material

Ultra Hardened 114 Strand Steel Aircraft Cable with Solid Core Surrounded by Hardened Stainless Steel Links

Mild Steel Strand Cable with Hollow Core

Patented Design



Alarm Function

Lock is Attacked or Forced

Lock is Moved/ Shaken

Alarm Strength

110 Decibels

Variable: 90-110 Decibels

False Alarm possibility

Very Low

Very High

Alarm Detection Technology

Designed to detect cutting or attack from a thief

Designed to detect motion /vibration

(Alarm can activate by Animal or Child or Vehicle Passing


Yes - IP rating of 65

No - bad performance in Rain

Lock Pick able



Key Registration on Website



Lost Key Replacement Service



Battery Life (Average use)

1 year

3-6 months

Manufacturer Warranty

1 year

No or 6 Months


Key Points

  • • Double Strong Cable - Hard Steel Cable Covered by Steel Link Rings
  • • Thief Cannot Pick / Open Lock - High Security Key & Lock Cylinder
  • • Cable Cut Sensor Alarm & Dropping, Banging, Hammering of Lock - Impact Hammer Sensor Alarm
  • • Steel Lock Casing
  • • Use With or Without Alarm
  • • Alarm Stops - Only after Lock Opened with Keys
  • • Indoor & Outdoor use
  • • Use in All Climate - Ice Cold to Hot (-20 to 54 Deg Cel)
  • • All Weatherproof, Others Only Waterproof
  • • Flashing LED showing Alarm Set
  • • Beep Sound After Lock
  • • Battery (2 x AAA) in Tamper Proof Unit, Battery Life - upto 12 months
  • • 1 Year - Warranty
  • • Certified: Europe Standard - CE Mark, REACH & RoHS (Chemical Safety & Non Toxic)
  • • Size - Cable - 20 mm Thick, 0.7 Meter Long, Weight: 700 Gm


In Pack: 1 - Lock, 2- Keys


Download: Alarm Siren Cable Lock Manual


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