Aluminium Nano Coating - Water (Hydrophobic), Dust, Oil & Stain Repellent, Available in Wet Wipes & Liquid Form

Prevents Water Stain Spots, Rust,Corrosion, Smudges, Finger Prints & Stains, Seals & Protects Surface, Use for Any Aluminium Item

Invisible Long Lasting Durable Nano Coating


✓ Aluminium Surface become Water Repellent (Hydrophobic), Dust Repellent, Stain Repellent, Scratch Resistant, Oxidation Resistant

✓ Works like Teflon Coating for Surface and Nano Coating Wipes makes Shiny Uniform Coating and also any one can use, unlike Spray, Machine

✓ No other manufacturer offers in Easy to use Wipes Form. Scientifically Proven Coating Products has been supplied to US Army

✓ Suitable for all Types of Aluminium Items & Appliances etc.



  • • Repels - Water, Dust, External Particles & Prevents - Scratches, Surface Damage & Stains (Water Marks, Stains etc)
  • • Prevents - Water Stain Spots, Rust, Corrosion, Smudges, Finger Prints, Scratching, Oxidation and Staining, Scratches, Surface Damage & Stains
  • • Surface becomes Smooth, Impact Resistant & Shine Improves; Fingerprints & Scratching is Reduced to Near Zero
  • • Cleaning & Maintenance becomes Super Easy, You just need Tap Water for Most Cleaning & No Need to Use Harsh Cleaning Chemical Product
  • • Easy to use Coating Wet Wipes Pack (No Liquid) - Single use Uniform Coats / Covers about 15 Square Feet Area (May vary Person to Person), Lasts upto 12 Months
  • • Transparent Clear Coating, Use on any Aluminium Surface Items such as - Bathroom Fixtures, Shower, Window & Door Frames, Chrome & Car Rims Alloys and Wheels etc.

**For Best Results - Thoroughly Clean & Remove any stains from the surface before applying 


Key Points

  • • Protect Aluminium Surface Damage
  • • Make Aluminium Water, Oil, Dust & Stain Repellent & Resistant
  • • Prevent Stain, Fingerprints, Scratching
  • • No more Water Stain Spots, Rust, Corrosion, Smudges, Finger Prints, Scratching, Oxidation & Staining
  • • Smooth, Posh Feel & Better Shine Aluminium
  • • Invisible Coat - Not seen with Eyes
  • • Easy & Safe to Use - Aluminium Wipes Pack Form
  • • Use with Hands - No Spray or Machine Required
  • • Aluminium Cleaning & Maintenance becomes Very Easy
  • • Cleaning Time & Efforts Reduced
  • • Just use Tap Water for Most Aluminium Cleaning
  • • No Need to Use Cleaning Chemicals
  • • Use on any Aluminium Item - Bathroom Fixtures, Shower, Window and Door Frames, Chrome and Car Rims Alloys and Wheels etc
  • • Each Aluminium Wipes - Coats / Covers 15 Square Feet Area
  • • Long Lasting Durability - Upto 12 Months




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