Anti Slip Sheet, Anti Scratch Sheet & Anti Flame Sheet

Solution for Logistics, Storage, Supply Chain, Warehouse

Anti Slip Sheets that are outstanding in terms of transport safety. - developed by Smurfit Kappa Lagamill, Sweden

The great slip sheet with anti slip on one side is now complemented by a sheet with anti slip on both sides. The sheet has a very good grip and ensures a repose angle of 50°. The estimated life time of the antislip function is 24 months.

Specification - Anti slip

  • • Angel of repose - min 50° - Target 54°
  • • Cobb - max 15gsm - 10 ± 5

Features - Anti Slip Sheet

  • ✓ Antislip coating easy or duplex
  • ✓ 24 months to assess life antislip ability
  • ✓ Mold resistant
  • ✓ Possible to reuse as return disc
  • ✓ All constituent chemicals are REACH approved

Anti Scratch Sheet

With our new Anti Scratch sheet, delicate, painted details are transported without the risk of being scratched.

The Anti Scratch sheet has a coating of non woven and has been developed a unique concept that prevent the adhesive to penetrate the non woven fabric.

We have been made aware that there has been a concern in the industry because the glue seeped through the cloth and scratched details that it would actually protect. Now we have the right solution!

Anti Flame Sheet

Our reliable Anti Flame treated sheet survived the tough tests and achieved the requirement of B2 - DIN 4102, which means that the material is very resistant to fire. 

Our new fire retardant material is ideal for environments with high temperatures.

Today we have special areas, such as the installation of spotlights in soft underlay, where we, with our ususal Solid Board material pass the glow wire test of 650°C, without any flame-retardant treatment in accordance with IEC 60695 - 2 - 1.

So generally, our material has a very good Heat Resistance.


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