Cleanz-up Stain & Scale Remover for Hard Water Stain, Water Mark, Limescale, Calcium Scale, Rust, Burnt, Scorch, Mineral Deposits

Useful on all Surface & Material, Home Kitchen Bathroom Shower - Safe Cleaning Powder - Used in Hotels, Hospitality, Homes, etc.

Removes Toughest Stains with Ease!!!


Suitable for All Surface & Material - Use on Glass, Tiles, Tap, Faucet, Shower, Bathroom Fittings, Granite, Stones, Metal, Stainless Steel, Window, Floor, Washbasin, Sink, Car Windshield, Wood, Plastic (Hard), Stone, Ceramic etc.
(Not recommended on Painted Surface & Soft Material because Scrubbing may cause Scratch Marks to occur)

Easy Cleaning Step:
1. Take a Wet Damp Cloth & Put Powder on it
2. Clean in Small Overlapping Circular Motion (Repeat, if required)
*Rinse Surface with Water, Before & After Cleaning

1. For very Hard & Aged stain, repeat use with good scrubbing
2. Use Soft Scrubber to avoid scratches
3. Use Rough Tight cloth, as Bristles Spikes Cloth do not have scrubbing action
4. Test in Small Corner Area First

For Best Results:
1. Use enough product
2. Use just wet cloth / scrubber(Not dripping)

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For Efficient & Cost Effective Hard Water Stain Removal:

  • • Use cotton cloth (tight threaded and dense fibre type) having good scrubbing action
  • • Never rinse the surface during cleaning process as this will solubilize powder on the cloth and cleaning effectiveness is reduced. Only do it before and after cleaning
  • • Avoid using regular fine cloths such as Handkerchief, Sarees etc…
  • • Avoid using Scotch Brite or other rough cleaning pads (as it may damage the surface and cleaning effectiveness is reduced)
  • • Avoid using Sponge (as it is too soft and doesn't have rubbing action, required for cleaning)
  • • Avoid using Bristled soft towels or like cloths or product - as powder sinks into the bristles and powder is not able to come in contact with surface to be cleaned thus hard water stain removal efficiency reduced. It also leads to higher cost as more product will be required for cleaning. (Photo attach – Avoid Cloth)

Important Points to Note


  • • For Heavy & Aged Hard water stains - clean in a smaller 2 - 3 inch circular motion and maintain dry, paste and not wet or watery paste
  • • Always rinse outside or any surface with water to remove any dirt, sand
  • • For very Strong / Thick Hard Scale deposits and / or Stains, you might need to Scrub Pad but please ensure to use Soft Scrub Pads (white colored) only, as using hard Scrub Pads may damage the surface.
  • • Adding water to product will make it less efficient, use as directed
  • • The soft metals (Aluminium etc), Marble and Painted surface may get damaged on using product
  • • The product is safe to use by humans even with bare hands but always treat it as chemical based product. We strongly suggest taking Common Precautions to be taken as you take while handling any Harmful Chemical. Above all, Never Inhale, Never Taste, Take it on hand and / or use it any part of / on body.
  • • Please note - Hard Water Stains / Scale are formed / developed due to Hardness of Water. The product will clean the surface now but Hard Water Stains / Scale will reappear over the period of time if Hard Water persists.
  • • In case, Hard Water Stains / Scale deposits are old / aged then this deposits tend to eat away (corrode) the surface of the material on which it is present. The product can remove hard water stains / scale and to some extent can renew the surface but please note due to eating away / corrosion of surface, the product cannot make the surface or material to appear as brand new on which it is being used.


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