Shelf Life Extension Absorption Pads for Cut Fruits & Vegetables

Shelf Life Extension, Maintain Freshness, Reduce Food Wastage, Simple to use, FDA & EU Comply

Extended Shelf Life - No Dripping & Spilling


Removal of the Excess Fluid that Results in the Dramatic Improvement in Shelf Life. Incorporated Safely and Securely in the Pockets of the Lids or Pads and Absorbs Excess Fluids

Product no longer needs to be Spin Dried, resulting in improved Yields and Reduced Product Damage. Technology also Significantly Reduces the Dripping and Spilling of Excess Juices from the Product, which is a Common Complaint by Customers



  • ✓ Extended Shelf Life
  • ✓ Lower Food Wastage
  • ✓ No Dripping & Spilling
  • ✓ Food Safe Material
  • ✓ Better Tasting Products
  • ✓ Higher Sales - Increased Revenue
  • ✓ Longer Production Runs
  • ✓ Extended Distribution Area


Easy to Use - 1 Step

  • ➀ Just Place inside the Packet
  • ** Produce to be stored should be fresh, dry and undamaged


Complies - Food Contact Use

  • • Food and Drug Administration USA
  • • EU Directives

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