Ice Blanket - Maintain Cold Chain Replace Ice Gel Pack

Flexible, Uniform Cold Temperature, Longer Cooling Effect, No Water Droplets Mess, Low Shipment Cost

Longer Cooling Time & Flexible


A Solution to Cold Chain Packaging, Lightweight Ice blanket which, when hydrated and frozen, is used to keep products cold during shipping. The cells contain a super absorbent material, which when hydrated, produces a flexible gel that is trapped within each pocket or cell, creating a flexible “quilted” pattern that is frozen before use.

It is preferred by airlines and courier services to wet and dry ice. Used for medical, laboratory and therapeutic applications such as sports injuries, arthritis, etc.



  • ✓ Flexible pad
  • ✓ Uniform Cooling
  • ✓ Improved Freshness & Reduced Spoilage
  • ✓ Wider Product Coverage
  • ✓ Shipping Cost is less
  • ✓ Stays Cold Longer than Wet Ice
  • ✓ Does not release fluids when thawed


Easy to Use

  • ➀ Place Sheet into a Container of Tap Water
  • ➁ Hydrate for 10 - 20 minues until Pockets swell
  • ➂ Drain any excess water from Sheet
  • ➃ Place Sheet in Freezer with Plastic Side Down until Frozen for 8 to 12 hours


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