Fresh Produce Shelf Life Extension Plastic Bags for       Fruits, Vegetables & Flowers

Shelf Life Extension, Maintain Freshness, Reduce Food Wastage, Simple to use, Re-usable, USFDA approved

Slow Down Natural Ageing Process, Just Pack & Seal


Fresh produce bags slows down the natural ageing process by removing harmful gasses whilst ensuring that produce does not dehydrate. Our packaging significantly increases permeability allowing ethylene and other harmful gasses to escape, which considerably reduces the rate of ripening.

The LDPE bags are treated with Hydroscopic & Known Absoprtion Characteristic Natural Mineral that is impregnated into low density polyethylene resin to produce a packaging film - Extending Life & Quality of Your Produce.

  • Remove ethylene gas - allowing ethylene produced by the ripening produce to be taken up and removed through the film wall to the outside atmosphere
  • Minimize moisture formation - Anti-fogging treatment of the film surface minimizes moisture formation to inhibit mold and bacteria growth.



  • ✓ Excellent permeability to gases
  • ✓ Good food deodorizing properties
  • ✓ Removes ethylene gas and has some minimal absorption capacity
  • ✓ Anti-fog treatment to reduce water formation
  • ✓ Maintenance of high humidity levels to limit produce weight loss
  • ✓ Gauge variation to increase permeability
  • ✓ Cost effective compared to normal plastic
  • ✓ Good active surface area to volume ratio


Easy to Use

  • ➀ Pre-cool warm fruit and vegetables in cold store / refrigerator
  • ➁ Take a separate bag for each type of produce for storing
  • ➂ Expel air from the bag and close using the enclosed ties
  • ➃ Store back in cold store / refrigerator
  • ** Produce to be stored should be fresh, dry and undamaged


Approval & Certified - Food Contact Use

  • • Food and Drug Administration USA
  • • Health & Welfare Canada
  • • Complies with EU Directives
  • • Health Departments in Switzerland and Austria
  • • Australian and New Zealand Food Authority


      Permeability: 4.5 times greater permeability than standard LDPE at 22°C
      Application: roll stock, carton liners, flat bags, sheets, pallet liners and covers.
      Anti-fog: Yes
      Gauge: 35 micron. Also available in 25 micron.
      Oxygen Transmission Rate: Nominal 6500 –7500 cc/M2 /24 hours at 22°C 1
      Carbon Dioxide Transmission Rate: Nominal 23000 – 24000 cc/M2 /24 hours at 22°C 1
      Water Vapour Transmission Rate: Nominal 25 –27 grams per square metre.
      Ethylene Removal Rate: Nominal 3900 cc/M2 /24 hours at 22°C 2


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