Sea Food Temp Timestrip - Time & Temperature Monitoring Labels

High-tech & Low cost, Visual indicators of Time and Temperature for various application in Sea Food Industry etc.

Timestrip Adhesive Label are Low cost Colour Changing Visual Indicators of Time and Temperature. The Micro-capillary technology label, starts only after activation pad is compressed (by simple finger pressure) and once activated, the device can be affixed product - Individual case / Product Level and helps in monitoring Time and Temperature


  • ▸Integrity of the supply chain
  • ▸Validation at point of use
  • ▸Product Authenticity
  • ▸Quality / Regulatory Compliance
  • ▸Reduced Wastage


Sea Food Temp - The Timestrip® Seafood Indicator shows how long your product has been above refrigerated temperatures. It can be applied on fresh or frozen seafood. Inert until activated, can be stored at room-temperature, self-adhesive, irreversible and single use, splash proof, expiry date on each pack shipped.


  1. 1. Activation: This is possible only when the temperature of the indicator is above refrigerated temperatures. Fully squeeze the activation button and check that the activation window turns blue and the word ‘ON’ appears. If not, re-squeeze the button fully. Within 2-3 minutes, place the indicator at or below 0°C for a minimum of 10 minutes so that the liquid freezes and the indicator is fully conditioned and ready to use. This will arm the indicator so it can begin to monitor temperature. If the product to be monitored is already at or below 0°C then simply apply after activation by removing the adhesive liner on the back. In the unlikely event that an indicator shows blue before you activate it, there is no need to contact customer service. Simply discard and take a new one. 1 or 2 products per 100 count are always provided free of charge.

  3. 2. Monitoring: Once the Seafood indicator is armed, it will monitor temperature breach above 3°C.

  5. 3. Breached: In case of full coloration in the activation-window, the monitored seafood needs to be discarded. In case of none or partial coloration, no action is required as the monitored product has stayed within the appropriate time and temperature curve.


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