Freshtag Total Shelf Life Monitoring Color Changing Labels

Monitors Freshness, Ensure Food Safety, Reduce Wastage, Easy to Read, Stock Management, Cost Effective


The Stock Rotation label is suitable for all fresh products. Label that provides a visual aid for stock rotation, which displays a change in colour to indicate the passing of time.
Current systems for stock rotation in the reduction of food waste rely on use-by-dates which require close inspection by staff and can be easily missed or misread.
The label is both time and temperature sensitive. This means that if the product is stored above its recommended temperature once the label has been applied, the label will change colour quicker than it would have done at the recommended temperatures. This will help to mitigate temperature abuse in retail supply chains and distribution centres, as well as at store level.

Two systems for this label

  • • System 1 – the labels are provided in flow wrapped bags containing CO2 and automatically activate when they are opened and applied to products

  • • System 2 – for use with Modified Atmosphere pallets. These pallets contain CO2 which activates the label. On delivery to the RDC, the sealed environment is removed and the timers start to work as the Modified Atmosphere is replaced by air.

Typical products
• Fruit
• Salad
• Dairy
• Raw Proteins
• Bakery

Stock rotation labels are available and can be developed for a range of products based upon their specific storage temperatures and times.

Critical success factors
For the product to work correctly the shelf life and storage temperatures during transportation and in the retail environment need to be identified.

Food Contact Approval
The product is placed on secondary packaging and as a result food contact approval is not required. Regardless of this the PET backing acts as a functional barrier between the film and the packaging.

Application of label : The label is applied by hand.

Design of label : The design can be tailored to the requirements and preferences of customers. Please note that the reference colours are yellow to blue or yellow to purple.

There is no special storage or handling requirements for these labels, however, due to the nature of this product we would recommend that they are used within a six month period and are stored in a cool, dry environment and away from direct sunlight.


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