WHO Approved - Syringe Disposal Safety Box

Foldable, Assembly at Point of Use, Suitable for Hospital, Doctors, Home etc

WHO Approved - Syringe Disposal Safety Box


TimSafe Safety Box (WHO approved) for disposal of used syringes and needles, field vaccinations around the world. Hospital, Doctors many related to Helathcare industry use these to manage the Biohazardous waste.

The safety requirements for a Safety Box are very high. TimSafe Safety Box perfectly suit to Clinics, Hospitals and even Home - as the box is foldable so very less space when storing and there isn't any chance the lid will fall off, the problem being faced today.

Main supplier of Safety Boxes to UNICEF for several years, and not a single complaint so far!

  • • Transport savings, which give economic benefits and less impact on the environment
  • • A convenient solution for both internal and external handling
  • • Less space required

When Safety Box production started, only 43,200 pcs could be packed into a 40" container. After several years of development, now increased number of 84,000 pcs can be packed per 40" container - which means an increase of 95%.

"This represents a great saving in transport costs"

We call this concept TOLS (TimSafe Optimized Logistics Solutiuon). TimSafe Safety Box NE is our new even more efficient box. This box makes it possible load 99,000 pcs per 40" container.

We are proud to introduce our new box on the market! We look at ourselves as a part of the logistic chain and with this box and loading system we clearly show what we mean.


  • ✓ Needle usually will not penetrate the box wall
  • ✓ No additional equipment is required
  • ✓ Easy to Transport Empty - as comes Flat
  • ✓ Assembled at the point of use


Approval & Certified

  • • WHO
  • • Unicef


      Volume: 5 litres
      Capacity: 150 autodis.syr. of 0,5 ml with needles
      External dimensions: Before assembling, 468 x 260 x 4 mm, After assembling, 154 x 113 x 315 mm
      Materials: Recycled board and virgin fibre
      Weight fully assembled : 250 grams
      Syringe insert hole : Diameter 38 mm
      Colour: White

      Shipping Details

        Pieces per carton 25 pcs per carton
        Weight per carton 6,54 kg
        Volume per carton 0,013 m3
        No. of Boxes per Pallet 1500
        Incoterms FCA
        Quality standard ISO 9001

        Timsafe - Safety Box Assembly

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