Irreversible Descending Temperature Indicator

High-tech & Low cost, Visual indicators of Time and Temperature for various application in Food, Pharma, Healthcare, FMCG etc.

Timestrip Descending indicators quickly provide a clear visual alert when products have been exposed to temperatures that have fallen below the trigger event.
Ease of Use
Timestrip Descending temperature indicators are small, efficient, self activating and easy to use.
When the indicator has been kept above the threshold temperature, the indication window remains green.
The Timestrip Descending temperature indicator clearly shows when products have been exposed to cooler temperatures.
When the temperature drops below the threshold an irreversible, chemical color change happens.
The indication window turns from green to red quickly and precisely at a specific set point.

Timestrip Descending available for: 0°C Indicator - ±2°C ; 0°C Indicator - ±1°C; 15°C Indicator - ±2°C

  • ▸Cold Chain Monitoring & Controlled Room Temperature
  • ▸30 mm x 29 mm ± 3 mm
  • ▸Self-activating
  • ▸Non-reversible change in viewing window from green to red
  • ▸Store in a room temperature environment between 18°-25°C (64°-77°F)

Timestrip Adhesive Label are Low cost Colour Changing Visual Indicators of Time and Temperature. The Micro-capillary technology label, starts only after activation pad is compressed (by simple finger pressure) and once activated, the device can be affixed product - Individual case / Product Level and helps in monitoring Time and Temperature


  • ▸Integrity of the supply chain
  • ▸Validation at point of use
  • ▸Product Authenticity
  • ▸Quality / Regulatory Compliance
  • ▸Reduced Wastage

Key Features:

  • ▸ Industry leading performance & price
  • ▸ Ships inactive to avoid accidental triggering during transit
  • ▸ Unambiguous color change to red
  • ▸ Long shelf life
  • ▸ Customized product & carrying cards available to distinguish your company or your customer

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