Timestrip Plus Duo - Temperature Breach - Time & Temperature Moniotring Labels

High-tech & Low cost, Visual indicators of Time and Temperature for various application in Pharma, Vaccines, Healthcare etc.

Timestrip Adhesive Label are Low cost Colour Changing Visual Indicators of Time and Temperature. The Micro-capillary technology label, starts only after activation pad is compressed (by simple finger pressure) and once activated, the device can be affixed product - Individual case / Product Level and helps in monitoring Time and Temperature


  • ▸Integrity of the supply chain
  • ▸Validation at point of use
  • ▸Product Authenticity
  • ▸Quality / Regulatory Compliance
  • ▸Reduced Wastage


The Timestrip® PLUS Duo irreversible indicator monitors breaches of two temperatures. It will tell you how long your item or your product has been kept at or above 10°C/50°F and at or above 34°C/93°F. Inert until activated, can be stored at room temperature, self-adhesive, irreversible and single use, splashproof, expiry date on each pack shipped.


Timestrip® PLUS Duo is a cumulative breach indicator with readings for excursions above 10°C – in day ranges from 3 to 14, with a secondary indicator to show immediate excursions above an upper temperature breach point of 34°C


Calibrated to follow WHO recommendations vaccines & medicine, Timestrip® PLUS Duo provides clear, irreversible visual evidence and distinct time marking of the thermal abuse phase for dual temperature thresholds.


Key Features:

  • ▸ Industry leading performance & price
  • ▸ No pre-conditioning is required
  • ▸ No special storage or shipping requirements
  • ▸ Activate at room temperature
  • ▸ Firmly squeeze the blister on the bottom of the indicator
  • ▸ Long shelf life & Environmentally friendly
  • ▸ Monitoring temperature for days, weeks or months, depending on your needs
  • ▸ Unique serial code printed on every indicator for traceability


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