Trakdot - Luggage Tracking Device

Flight Baggage Tracer, Anti-lost Palm-size Locator, Airline Trip Worldwide Travel Tracking Monitor Detector Finder, GSM Chip (Cell Towers), SMS & Email Alerts, iOS & Android Compatible, Bluetooth, In-built SIM

"Biggest fears - Losing Luggage by Airline or during Travel"

Nearly 26 million bags go missing each year from airports around the world (SITA)


Trakdot --- Track Your Luggage, Enjoy Peace of Mind

Trakdot - Keeps a track of your luggage in real time each step of the way - whenever & whereever you travel!

Trakdot Luggage Locator is a non-GPS wireless and Subcription Service that monitors the cellular network in order to determing itslocaiton. Simply place the device insidde your luggage. While you are flying, Trakdot goes into sleep mode. Upon arrival at your destination, Trakdot wakes up and reports its location to you via the mode you have set up - text message or email

Statistics show that lost luggage is more common than many people realize. So, in the not-so-rare event that your bags wind up in Antartica instead of America, you will be able to track it down immeddiately based on Trakdot Luggage's notificaiton. On a more basic level, the bluetooth function withing the mobile app allows you to locate your lugggae in the baggage claim area.

Trakdot delivers breakthrough products that empower consumers to keep track of the people and things they hold dear. Providing cutting-edge patent-protected technology at a remarkable value, Trakdot offers innovative solutions that meet global demand. Trakdot delivers a level of peace of mind previously unattainable.
First-ever luggage tracking solution with worldwide location reporting keeps you connected to your valuables


✓ Palm-sized device: Fits in your checked-luggage allowing you to track it from check-in to baggage claim
✓ Text and e-mail notification: Sends you an SMS text message or email with the location of your luggage upon arrival
✓ Uses cellular technology: Rather than GPS, Trakdot detects its location using a GSM chip, triangulating its position using local cell towers
✓ Compatible with any cellular device: Track your luggage worldwide with any mobile device
✓ Multiple mobile/device tracking: Connect multiple cell phones to one Trakdot device or track multiple devices from one cell phone
✓ Easy locating at baggage claim: Bluetooth function within the mobile application allows you to locate your luggage at baggage claim within 30 feet
✓ Online tracking: View your luggage’s location history on your PC via the Trakdot website
✓ Battery operated: Operates on two AA batteries


Easy to Use

  • • Insert Batteries in Trakdot Device
  • • Register & Activate on Trakdot website
  • • Turn on and put in Luggage
  • • Travel
  • • Receive notification on arrival


In Pack: 1 - Trakdot Device, 2- AA Batteries


Download: Trakdot Quick Guide


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