Vanprob Solutions provides New Technological Solutions in field of Food, Pharma, Fresh Produce, Hotels & Hospitality, Home Automation & Security, Logistics & Supply Chain, Nano Coatings, Sports & Fitness and Construction.

Our Existence

➢ Purpose: To be a leader in the industry by providing - new cost effective technological solutions, quality services, solid relationship and sustainable business.

➢Vision: To provide quality products & services that meets & exceeds expectations of our respected customers.

➢Goal: Global expansion in the field of new product technologies and build key player reputation in the industry for innovation.

Core Focus
✓ Proven & Simple Solutions
✓ Increase Productivity
✓ Improve Quality
✓ Reduce Cost
✓ Solve your problems– Vanish your Problem and get Solutions - Vanprob Solutions

Business Principles
• Spirit: Serving the customer to fullest
• Pride: Presenting Premium quality, excellence in our response
• Determination: Please our customer surpass our record achievements
• Commitment: True to each other and nothing less than loyalty
• Passion: Truly believe in each other, care, protect & support each other
• Integrity: Professional. Reliable. Trustworthy.

From Idea to Creation to Trials till Commercialisation

Vanprob Solutions works in Four Division into field of Research, Manufacturing, Marketing & Commerce; we have allies in USA, UK, Korea, Sweden, Australia, Japan, etc.

1) Research Consultant:

Vanprob Solutions is engaged in research management, scholarly communication, knowledge exchange and commercialization. Working in field of research, we act as trusted consultant & advisors to global companies, providing complete confidential & targeted Independent Research. We can provide Third Party scientific research facilities for your R&D Experiments / Activities. We use our knowledge & networks to help you develop the New Product in field of Chemistry, Speciality Chemicals Products, Construction and Consumer Goods. Whether Raw Material Refinement or Finished product or New Product Formulation, we have expertise you are looking for.

2) Manufacturing:

With core focus on providing Safe, Easy & Eco-Friendly products to consumers, we started manufacturing stain removers & cleaners, under "Cleanz-up" brand. Currently, we have Hard Water, Lime scale & Surface Stain Removers.

3) New Product Market:

Identifying new products across globe providing Reliable, Innovative, Cost Effective, Sustainable & Proven Solution. Testing in local market & after successful results, establishing in the market.

With ocean of information, it is difficult for companies & individual to find the relevant information & product, with resources being a constraint. We do all background checks of company, products & test results. A product is made readily locally available that was far off seas and help you to concentrate on your core activities with definite success rate.

4) Bulk Chemicals Commerce:

From Solvents, Intermediates, Speciality chemicals etc. catering to Food, Pharma, Agrochemicals, Oil & Gas, Construction, Automotive etc. Reliable Source, Established Quality and after Sales Support.

Base Station: Vanprob Solutions is based in Mumbai - Financial Capital of India - very well connected with world, at par with global standards, port nearby and easy access to people - made it a perfect choice.

V - Team

Our team has 11 members, a lean structure working to towards common Goal and Mission. Working in different department of Accounts, Administration, Customer Service, Research & Development, Logistics and Sales & Marketing.

V - Team comes with relevant - work experience, education & skills and industry contacts. In-depth understanding of market, customer needs and products & technologies - all it takes to for core activities. V - Team strives hard to satisfy your needs to fullest, evident from our sales number that is increasing year on year.

Vanprob Solutions is known for being a
• Trustworthy Partner
• Understanding needs
• Finding out Solutions
• Timely activities
• Economic & competitive pricing
• Consultative & creative approach
• Good support & customer service
• Professional work

History & Information

Many businesses are offering me-too the products and very few to none are actively offering New Products & Technologies that “customers actually – Require, Need & Want”. The major reason being limited resources to invest for New.

Vanprob Solutions came into existence - To provide customers the precise solution, rather than trial and error method thus helping them save time & money and get product faster into the market. A symbiotic relationship with people focusing on their core development activities & results and open up new market segments for businesses.

In a nutshell,“Vanish your Problem and get Solutions” that's “Vanprob Solutions” since 2012.

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